Location Map:

For those without auto pilot:
From Hobart travel up Davey St and turn left into the Southern Outlet and follow the signs to Margate.

Just before the Margate shopping area, turn right towards "Sandfly", into Sandfly Road. About 300m up you will see a cute wooden church. Veer left in front of the church into Nierinna Rd and follow your nose to number 279 (rural numbering system, 2.79km from start of road). You'll find a pair of wagon wheels on the left hand side which marks the entrance to "NIERINNA RISE".

Nierinna Rise
279 Nierinna Road
Margate, Tasmania, 7054

Phone: (03) 6267 1332

Mobile: 0411 346 608
Fax: (03) 6267 1332
Email: info@nierinnarise.com.au

Phone: (03) 6267 1332        Email: info@nierinnarise.com.au